More often than not two mounts seem to be about equal in their influence and importance. The absolute predominance of a single mount is rare. Hence it is necessary that we have an index to refer to when it comes to analysing these compound types.

 Combination of Mount  

  1. Following are the 28 possible combinations and their resultant characteristic:
  2. Jupiter and Saturn : Good luck Bad: suicidal tendencies
  3. Jupiter and Apollo : Fame and fortune Bad :Pride,conceit
  4. Jupiter and Mercury : Sucers in scientific and business field Bad: Cheat , liar
  5. Jupiter and uppermars: Bravery, leader Bad: Despot
  6. Jupiter and moon: Imagination,Bad : Mono mania
  7. Jupiter and Venus : Ideal love Bad : virtue succubing to vanity
  8. Jupiter and lower Mars : Resignatio,stoic Bad cowardice
  9. Saturn and Apollo : love of occult Bad: suiciedal tendency due to morbidity
  10. Saturn and Mercury Love of science and occult bad : morbidity aflicts mind power tendency to cheat
  11. Saturn and Upper mars : Quarrelsome,choleric Bad : Cruelty, cynicism
  12.  Saturn and Moon : Love of the occult Bad : suicidial tendencies
  13. Saurn and Venus : Kindness,self possession Bad: Intense Jealousy
  14. Saturn and Lowar Mars : Resignation,Discouragement Bad : Morbidity
  15. Apollo and Mercury : Eloquent,intelligent,original bad : Scheming
  16. Apollo an Upper Mars : Honour in war,society leader Bad : Desire for fame at all risk
  17. Apollo and Moon : Imagination Bad : Astray Imagination bad art
  18. Apollo and Venus : Love of arts and literature Bad : Fawning over celebrities
  19. Apollo and Lower Mars : cheerful Bad : Affection
  20. Mercury and Upper Mars : Warrior Bad : Mercenary
  21. Mercury and the Moon : Inventor,geneious Bad : Rascal,loce of money
  22. Mercury and Venus : Sensible,prudent in love Bad : Low self esteem in relatoionships
  23. Mercury and Lower Mars : Strong will power, preseverance Bad : Obstinary, even in wrong doing
  24. Upper Mars and Moon : Explores,Discovers Bad : Reckless
  25. Upper Mars and Lower Mars : Plucky and courages. Bad : Violent Temper
  26. Upper Mars and Venus : Warrior . Bad : brutal conqueror
  27. Moon and Venus : Ideal love Bad : Lewdimagination
  28. The Moon and Lower Mars : Idealism at all costs. Bad : Obstinate attachment to conceit
  29. Venus and Lowers Mars ; Patience Bad : persecutor in relationship.


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